Jan 20th 2019

Welcome to Joey's Pet Outfitters Webstore

Welcome to Joey's Pet Outfitters

Thank you for visiting our digital store. Joey's has been called a destination spot by pet lovers throughout Mid-Michigan. Our knowledgable and friendly staff take great pride in helping pet parents find the proper products for their fur babies. When you do visit our store don't be surprised to find staff sitting on the floor playing with the animals as they come with their humans.

Now you can shop at our store Online

Doesn't matter if you live 5 miles down the road or on the west coast of our great nation, you now too can get some of the highest quality dog and cat foods, toys and supplies Joey's has to offer. Better yet, you can do it your pajamas late at night and have it shipped to your doorstep.

Live too far away, but want to see Joey's Pet Outfitters?

Look no more. We have a virtual tour of the store, you can see the items your pets desire on our shelves and even catch a glimpse of our owner Mark and his greeter Copper (RIP 2018). Simply click HERE.