Dog Park

Since our inception, Joey's has set out to change the way dogs live. Much of our efforts are focused on educating owners about the benefits of a diet based in quality animal proteins. Diet is a huge part of the equation, but it's not everything. Without proper exercise, true health and wellbeing will continue to elude our canines. Dogs were born to run free; enter Joey's Pet Outfitters Dog Park in Williamston, just east of Lansing, Michigan.


At Joey's we are proud to offer the residents of Williamston and Greater Lansing a dog park that is unlike any other. Williamston is a small Mid-Michigan community with a lot to offer in terms of dining, shopping and entertainment. Joey's Dog Park is proud to be part of the community's lively atmosphere and a sanctuary for both dogs and their owners.

 Everything about our 7 acre dog park is designed to create the ultimate experience for your dogs. Please read our Rules and Code of Conduct below. The more dog owners adhere to these guidelines, the better the environment will be for dogs and owners alike. 

You and your furbaby can enjoy Joey's Dog Park via 

Park Memberships or Private Rentals

*Day passes are NOT available*


We have two options for memberships for our Dog Park.  You can apply for either a 4 month or 12 month pass.  Each membership is for up to 3 dogs and meet the following requirements:


- carefully examine and fill out our Membership Application, Dog Park Rules and Waiver;

- carefully examine our Joey’s Dog Park Code of Conduct;

- present vaccination records for distemper (CDV), parvo (CPV-2), adenovirus (CAV-2), rabies and proof of Spay/Neuter from your veterinarian

- present valid county dog license



You can have the entire 7 acres for yourself and your furry friends.  All dogs must have proof of vaccinations and county license.  Dogs do not need to be spayed/neutered.


We offer the following options:

1hr *

4hr *

All Day *  

After hours on Saturdays & Sundays


*Joey's must have 1 week's prior notice for rental, no prior notice necessary for After Hours rentals




Contact us at 517.655.1072 for

Membership and Rental Rates

Evaluation, supervision, and guidance in the dog park will be ongoing. All of which will be conducted by members of the Joey’s team and/or by professional trainers selected by Joey's management.