Ruffwear Dog Backpack Comparisons

Ruffwear Dog Backpack Comparisons

Posted by Mark Marquardt on Aug 29th 2023

Dog Backpack General Guidelines

Typically, you should wait until the dog is an adult before introducing a dog backpack. As a general rule, an adult dog can hold up to 25% of their weight.

How do you get your dogs used to a backpack?

Go on short hikes, starting with empty packs, then add a little bit of weight to each hike.

Make sure the load is even on each side so it doesn't swish side to side. Be aware that if things are swooshing around in a backpack, the noise may frighten your dog or cause them some anxiety, so you want to ensure that doesn't happen. And as always, with any training or any new thing, make sure you give lots and lots of praise.

Fit of Dog Backpack

You want to be able to get one or two fingers under the straps. If it's hot out, you can loosen it up.

Approach Dog Backpack

It's usually for day hikes or a single night overnight. It has deep pockets. There are two pockets on each side. It is a one-piece pack; the backpack and the harness are all in one.

Palisades Dog Backpack

This is the pack that is more for multi-day use. It's got deep pockets. It does have a water bladder in it.

Cooling Vest Under Dog Backpack for Hot Days

We also have the cooling vest made by Ruffwear that actually fits underneath this pack. You soak the cooling vest in water. There are two different versions. The one in the video above doesn't have the soaking ability on the top. It's more of a UV protection, but that doesn't get the pack as wet. So, this helps keep your dog cool while they're wearing the pack.