Dog Collars

Posted by Mark Marquardt on Feb 6th 2023

Dog Collars

When it comes to picking the perfect collar for your dog, it can be overwhelming to sort through all of the available options. But worry not - we’re here to help you figure out which one is the perfect fit!

Classic Collars - Standard, “run-of-the mill”, collars featuring plastic clasps and adjustable fits are a great option for everyday wear! With a bunch of fun styles from brands like Wolfgang and Up Country, you’ll be able to match the collar right to your dog’s personality!

Joey’s also recommends only using “standard collars” when tying up your dog on a lead

Cycle Dog Collars - These collars a bit of a step-up from the standard collar - they’re made from recycled inner bicycle tire tubes and are waterproof (meaning they won’t stink when they get wet). Along with a metal clasp, this collar also features a handy-dandy bottle opener!

Remington Center Ring Collar - Built with hunting dogs in mind, this collar features a center ring that flips if you dog is caught on a branch or bush, allowing them to slip free. Made from waterproof material, it is also resistant to sweat and odors.

Boss Dog Collar - This is the perfect collar for your large dog or bully breed! This collar brand features a handle for up-close, tight control when needed. Boss dog collars also feature a durable, tactical clasp.

Training Collars/“Choke” Collars - When used correctly and humanely, these are a great tool! There are two kinds of training collars we have here at Joeys:

“Choke Chain” Training Collar - made from either nylon rope or a metal chain, these collars need to be worn so that the ring that the collar is running through sits under the neck, crating a “p” or “q” shape.

Prong Collar - We carry a variation made from plastic from the Starmark brand. These are adjustable by adding or removing pieces from the collar.

Martingale Collars - These fabric collars are made with a limited choke mechanism. When a dog is wearing a martingale collar, make sure that the space that attaches to the leash is spread out so the collar can be relaxed. There should be two, stacked fingers worth of space between the dog’s neck and the collar - any more and it won’t correct, and less and it’s too tight.

We would be happy to help you find the perfect collar to fit you and your dog’s needs! Stop in today to learn more and pick up yours!