New Products for Cat from Honest Kitchen

Posted by Mark Marquardt on Feb 18th 2022

Feb 14, 2022This week Mark's Facebook Live is about new cat products from Honest Kitchens. We now have in stock Honest Kitchen dehydrated food, clusters, wet food, treats and Toppers.  Honest Kitchen recently changed the texture based on customer feedback.  The other change from Honest Kitchen is due to the can shortage, they have switched their canned food into a box package.  …
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Dog and Cat Toys

Posted by Mark Marquardt on Nov 9th 2021

Joey's Pet Outfitters has lots of great cat and dog toys in stock!Dog and cat toys come in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles.  Each dog and cat toy is designed with a specific purpose.  Your dog or cat may need to be entertain, their brain challenged or need to chewy more for better dental health.   Our team can help you select the best toy or toys from your dog and cat bas …
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Cat Food and Nutrition Tips

Posted by Mark Marquardt on Nov 2nd 2021

Feeding your cat the proper food is very important to help your cat live a long healthy life. In today's video Mark shares tips about cat food and nutrition.  Mark shares the different nutritional needs between cats and dog and even the different needs between male and female cats.Mark reviews the following products in this video:Raw Cat FoodCanned Cat FootCat Treats Stop in or give …
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Dog Food | Dry, Dehydrated and Raw Dog Food Options

Posted by Mark Marquardt on Oct 18th 2021

In today's Vlog Mark talks about the importance of your pet's food.  Mark will chat about several of our dog food options including raw (raw, freeze dried & dehydrated), dry and wet options. Our dogs digestive tract was designed to break down meat vs. plant materials. Raw is a great option to keep your dog as closed to their natural food sources as possible. Products Options:Dry …
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